1.   MCJL 2024 will consist of 4 leagues; two leagues of 5 clubs and two of 6 clubs.

2.   All competitions to be played on a Saturday or Sunday. All 2024 fixtures must be completed before 4th August 2024. If a fixture has to be totally abandoned on the day due to bad weather or other exceptional circumstances, the host club will try to re-arrange it on or before 4th August 2024.

3.   Competition format is an individual Mixed Tee WHS handicap qualifying* Stableford using the host club's computer software.
  • Playing Handicap Allowance is 95% of Course Handicap plus any Mixed Tee Course Rating/Par Adjustment shots where applicable.
  • Maximum WHS Playing Handicap is 36 for ALL players (for competition result purposes only) - ensure that this is entered into the competition software "Settings".
  • Boys play off the male competition tees of the day & girls play off the female tees, using their respective cards and Stroke Index. The host club J/O shall specify the tees for the day.
  • A full results sheet to be generated by the competition software at the close of the competition.
*Fixtures may only be declared non-qualifying by the host club if exceptional circumstances prevail.

4.   Maximum of 5 players per team. Appendix A specifies the method for determining the number of points awarded to the best 3 players from each team following each round of the competition.

5.   Once all rounds of the competition have been completed, the team with the highest number of points is the League winner. Should two or more clubs finish the season on the same number of points, the winner shall be determined by the tie-break method set out in Appendix A.

6.   The overall MCJL Champion club shall be decided by a Stableford final competition between all the Division winners and take place at a neutral venue where possible. The best 3 Stableford scores (from a team of 5) will be aggregated to give the team score. In the event of a tie, the final shall be decided by the score of player number 4 and, if still tied, by player number 5. All players competing in the final MUST have played in at least one MCJL match during the 2024 season.

Should a club be unable to participate on the date of the appointed final, the place shall be offered to the next available team from their Division. The winning team will represent MCJL in the final of the North West Champions League (NWCL).

7.   Age limit - under 18 years at 00.00 on 1st January 2024. A player cannot play for more than one club during the 2024 MCJL season. MCJL is intended for established young golfers who are able to compete without assistance or supervision on the course and who understand Stableford points scoring. They must have an established WHS Handicap Index and CDH Number.

8.   Caddies are NOT allowed. Once play has commenced, supporters (parents, friends, team mates) following a group must stay at a discreet distance at all times & must not give advice or information to a player (see Rules of Golf 10.2). Failure to comply will result in 'Disqualification' for the junior receiving advice. Ball spotting ahead of players & assisting in the search for a lost ball by spectators is permitted; note the 3-minute rule for a ball search starts only when the player arrives in that area.

If a player has special needs for assistance, this must be notified to the host J/O before team details are submitted and the type of assistance agreed. Under no circumstances may the person giving assistance give any playing advice or information to the player. (See Penalty for breach above)

9.   Disputes:-

Individual golfing disputes, which have not been resolved during play, must be brought to the attention of the host J/O IMMEDIATELY after completion of the round. The host J/O may make a decision within the MCJL rules and the rules of golf, or may refer the matter to the MCJL sub-committee for a FINAL ruling. Claims made later than as specified above will not be considered.

10.   Host Club Responsibilities:-

Host club J/O to email all participating clubs:

  • at least 2 weeks in advance; the arrangements for the day (including their club's WHS Course Handicap Tables for the tees to be used if not available on the club's website.)
  • at least 2 days before play; the start sheet and times together with any other relevant information. Play shall be in 3-balls as far as possible, avoiding players from the same club playing together and in handicap order where possible.
  • on the day the host J/O may amend start times & the order of play if it is deemed reasonable and necessary for those present to complete the fixture.
  • all clubs are expected to observe Safeguarding/Duty of Care guidance and regulations and must detail the person responsible for safeguarding issues on the day.
  • submit the compeition results sheet & team results spreadsheet to Stuart Richards at Sandiway GC stuart.delawood@btinternet.com immediately after the close of the competition - see Appendix A.

11.   Visiting Club Responsibilities:-
  • provide Handicap Index and CDH ID numbers of all players to the host club J/O at least 4 days before date of play. Any special needs must be advised at this time.
  • ensure their team registers with host club J/O at least 30 minutes ahead of their first tee time.
  • must provide the host J/O with their MCJL Team Sheet detailing contact information of parents/guardians.
  • ensure players wear team shirts where possible & observe the dress code of the host club on and off the course.

12.   Catering:-

Catering is not required for league matches, however, catering for players at the MCJL Open and the NWCL play-off will be arranged for and paid by MCJL.

13.   Courtesy of the Course:-

Courtesy for visiting J/O's playing 9-holes at the end of the field is entirely at the discretion of the host club.

14.   MCJL AGM:-

An Annual Meeting will be held prior to the start of each season to confirm the Rules and Divisions for the year.

15.   Annual Subscriptions:-

Annual subscription of £100 to be paid by 1st March 2024

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